I am your regular customer and now I can’t find my previous orders.

Our site has been completely updated and adapted for fast loading on mobile devices and PCs. All old orders before January 15, 2023 are now unavailable for download from the personal account page. You can request your old order files from us by sending a message from your registered email address. We are glad that you are staying with us and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Can I use your vector plans for commercial purposes?

You can use our vector plans for manufacturing goods in material and salling final product without any limitations. You just not allowed to resell or share our vector files as a final product.

Are your vector plans ready for use or they need for some additional works?

Our plans are ready for use but some corrections like nesting parts on work area or adaptation corners for CNC router bit needed. Anyway, you need to have some skills in vector editing software.

I bought your 3D illusion plan for laser machine but my machine controller asks me for closed vectors for engraving.

Most of our 3d illusion vectors are draw with not closed vectors, so there are 2 ways to engrave them.
1. To engrave not closed vectors in fast cut mode ( fast speed and low power ).
2. To convert all engraving vectors to closed shapes. For example in Corel Draw it is CTRL+SHIFT+Q combination or in free Inkscape software it is CTRL+ALT+C combination.
After this conversion you will be able to engrave it in scan mode.
If it is hard for you, just ask us for conversion after purchase. It is free option.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes we can draw custom requests. Minimal custom order price is 7 Euro.
You can send us your custom request using contact form and we will negotiate all details about final price and time needed for drawing.

3Bee Studio