Parametric Chair Build using a CNC milling machine

We’d like to share with you the blog post written by describing the build process of our CNC Parametric Office Chair.

The blog post – click here for the full story – has great photos of the final product and also interesting shots of the step by step process.
Here are some exceprts translated to English:

What do you do if you need an office chair and have a CNC router in your house? – Why don’t you build a chair yourself!

Now, of course, you can create your own design. But I simply lack the experience of how a comfortable office chair must be constructed. How wide, how high, which angle the backrest must have etc. Too many variables, which I would have to measure out and test out before designing. This would make the project complicated and time consuming.

Fortunately, however, there are already perfected designs ready for purchase, which look promising and are designed for the CNC milling machine. E.g. The design which I have chosen: “CNC drawing” Parametric chair” from 3Bee Studio.

After the purchase I downloaded a .dxf file with the cuts of the respective layers as well as the intermediate parts.

From my last project with the desk, I learned how important and how much more favorable the production can be if you invest time to efficiently arrange the cuts on the milling table. It would not have been conceivable how expensive the wood would have come, I would have wasted too much space.

Photos credit:

We are extremely excited to see this finished project and are greateful to Konkluenz for sharing with us his experience. Please send us your photos and build stories to [email protected] and we will feature them in our blog! Happy milling!